For my senior collection, I decided to also explore menswear. I referenced the ornamentation and grandeur that menswear of 18th Century Europe had and used that to create something forward thinking, beautiful, and indicative of where I believe menswear is going and should go.

Senior Collection Fashion Show

Syracuse, New York

Syracuse University

April 2017

Following the continuing effort to promote sustainable fashion and the reuse of materials I created a custom jacket out of ties and bridesmaids dresses for a local fashion show. I wanted this garment to create a level of elegance and intrigue that I feel is lacking in menswear today.

Syracuse University

Syracuse, New York

November 2015

As I work in the field, I am hard at work feeding my passions and designing the type of menswear that I believe will release men and society from the limitations of gender roles and expectations.

New York, NY

Tel: 201-873-3734

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