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Allow me to introduce myself...

Hey there and welcome to my blog! My name is Khari and I am a Fashion Designer, actor, TV/movie buff, and all-around drama queen living in New Jersey right outside NYC! Somehow, you found your way here. Either because you probably spend too much time on google, or I spammed your newsfeed on every social media site that’s hot right now, or you just really love fashion and art and love reading things about fashion and art. In any case, thanks for stopping by!

I figure that this blog is going to be what it looks like when one person decides to go on a journey with themselves and wander around the physical world and the world within their heads. Since graduating college about two and half years ago, like many college graduates, I have been actively searching for the things that work best for me, the things that make me whole and feed my passions. It can be difficult to do that in a world that’s overrun with information, opinions, and judgement. It’s safe to say that it’s possible to lose yourself post-graduation, which is exactly what I did. I went from having all this energy and ambition to being exhausted and bogged down but the realities of actual life. College is such a bubble! I guess we can cue all the baby boomers now who complain that all us millennials are lazy and know nothing of the world and have no real means to succeed. I beg to differ!

Our world is 10 times different from theirs. The world you and I exist in changes from every year, to every month, to every day, to every second, and life has become a constant game of catch up. We have the means to adapt more than those who came before us think we do and more than we even think we can. It just takes a little bit more maneuvering and expecting the unexpected. I’m learning that more and more. In all the noise we just need something or some things to focus on. This blog will be one of those things I focus on and place my energies.

This blog will be a hodge podge of my thoughts on art exhibits all around NYC, fashion, my own artistic journey, and any and all of my interests (which there are many). I may even throw in some LGBTQ history from time to time considering that that has been one of my recent journeys in the last year. This blog will also be me spending some time with myself (even though the notion of any actual time with myself is daunting to me) and sometimes sharing that journey with you because let’s face it, we all need someone to relate to. Now that I’ve written a deeply brooding monologue about the human experience and self-exploration, look out in the next two weeks or so for my very first official entry! I am so excited for this journey and I hope you’ll ride along with me!

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