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New things are a-coming!!

Whoa! Hey! It's me! I'm back (sort of)! I know it's been a while since I've posted for you guys but I have been at work on a lot of new and exciting things I can't wait to share with you! I've been focusing a lot more on the creative side of myself and getting into more script writing, acting, and as always, reading. I'm recently at work on a script for a show I will be in with the amazing theater company I'm a part of called the The Journalists (more details to come soon).

Being a part of this ensemble has allowed me to take the things that are happening on the inside and bring them to the outside to release into the world and ultimately continue the process of self discovery and healing. It really is amazing what can come up when you sit down to write. We have just recently started rehearsals and I am really excited (and nervous) to see what comes out of what I and other people have created. It will be our first production EVER so I can low key feel the pressure.

Along with my script writing and acting I have decided to do a series of blurbs on trans figures in history that I plan to release once they're ready. I recently discovered the story of a trans woman named Christine Jorgensen who was the pinnacle of trans visibility in the 50s and 60s. Considering the time period she lived in that's absolutely incredible! Learning about her has inspired me to bring to light not just her story but the stories of other very important trans people in history. This is all a part of my learning about queer culture and queer history. Hopefully you will learn things too!

This has been your little teaser into what's to come so make sure you and your friends subscribe to this blog to get notifications on new posts so you can go on this journey with me. That's all for now!

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